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Temple of Healing

This temple of Callaria is located in the free city of Taalio   Considered not just a temple and place of healing but also a hospital where healing is the provision of the scientific as much as the divine. Thought of as most in its heyday as the centre of such healing and care throughout the world.   During the Last War, medical care came on in leaps and bounds, while the quick and impressive results of healing magic are undeniable, these holy miracles are relativity few and far between and could in no way keep up with the demands of the war that was enveloping the world.   The temple became a place where anyone could get medical care and healing,not just those that could afford the spiralling costs of the divine healing of clerics and priests. Healers from around the world would travel to the temple to learn, to offer their aid to the research and to help care for the sick and injured. They would then take their knowledge home with them, spreading the science of medical care to their own houses of healing.

Purpose / Function

Originally constructed as a great temple to the Goddess of Light and Life, over time it grew into a centre of healing, attracting people from all around who came to learn and study the healing arts.   Soon it became more known for its medicines and learning than the goddess, and became the worlds most well known place for healing and the learning and study of the healing arts.   During the Last War, being located in the supposedly neutral Taalio, it wasn't unusual to have patients in care from across the lands, soldiers who would be bitter enemies on the battlefields laying side by side, cared for by healers from another of their foes. Healers were allowed to work, learn and study their as long as they swore to treat all those who needed help, taking what became know as the Taalian Oath.   Since the war ended, demand for healing has dropped, those who suffer from injuries or malady are often too taken by despair to even seek out healing. However, the main laboratories of the temple are home to those dedicated to studying the effects and causes of Calamity Sickness, which seems to be mostly arcane in nature.


The original temple is now just the front of a much larger, less impressive, building, as the classrooms, research laboratories and the wards of healing were built behind it, getting larger and more more complex an institution over the decades.
Alternative Names
Great House of Callaria, The Home of the Healers
Parent Location
Owning Organization


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