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Calamity Sickness

While everyone, to some degree, feels an air of hopelessness about the state of the world since the end of the Last War, there are those who are more effected than most, taking the form of a magically transmitted affliction, which is becoming more common every year and is more prevalent the closer people are to The White Wastes, those who contract the sickness are almost fully despondent.

Transmission & Vectors

The magical disease can affect any being in Allatar(location:11d21bea-560e-4c07-afa7-a57e15e16fc4)  but is more common the closer you get to @[The White Wastes so scholars believe that it is magically transmitted from the source of the calamity that destroyed Alavon


The infected become increasingly despondent and slow to react, falling into a deep depression until eventually giving up on everything and unable to do even the simplest tasks for themselves. If the condition goes far enough, the afflicted person will even give up breathing and their bodies simply give up.


No one is known to have successfully been cured of Calamity Sickness, the best those afflicted can hope for is round the clock care to keep them fed and hydrated until they eventaully sucumb
Chronic, Acquired


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