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The Last War ended just four years ago and with it, the world.   No one can quite recall the real reason that the Last War started but for more than seventy years it raged, drawing all of the nations of Allatar into the conflict.   Entire generations were born and died knowing nothing but the ceaseless war, communities were ravaged by the shifting battle-lines, comrades turned against each other as allegiances changed as quickly as they were formed.   As quickly as the war had taken hold, it ended. An explosion of unknown arcane energy flowed through the world, ending the conflict overnight. Thousands died, raging battlefields left empty, nothing remaining of the warring sides but dust and discarded weapons. Cities were left as ghost towns, there seemed to be no rhyme or reason to the devastation,   It wasn't just the lives of the people that was taken away. Since the war ended, it seems that life is slowly draining from the world, crops grow fewer, the forests retreat as trees wither and die. Hope itself seems to have drained from Allatar and its people.


After The Last War

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Stumbling across a plot to hasten the end of the world, how will the heroes act in a world on the brink?