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The Seven Divines

The seven gods of Allatar, long removed from the world, they have had no direct intervention in the world since the Age of Heroes.   Widely worshipped as a Pantheon, each race does have their own favoured of the Divine, as each race was the creation of one of the Divines, but each is also worhipped for their other aspects.   Some now think that the Last War was ended by the Nine Divines and that the dying world is their punishment.

Mythology & Lore

Within the Church of the Divines, this is the story told of the creation of the world, it is widely accepts by Humans and most other races to be true. The only differences most of the civilised nations have are in who the most important of the Gods is, each tending to venerate most the deity that spawned their own race.   The Founding of Allatar   Before the Divines, there was Eai, The Greatest, The Forebear. Eai found Allatar, the World, and found it empty and desolate yet full of promise. They saw that this was not as it should be and so they populated the world with Their children.   The Dragons were Eai’s First Children and Eai was distraught to see that Their children were selfish and prideful and cared for nothing but hoarding the treasures of the young world for themselves.   Eai decided that They alone would not be able to stop the dragons from plundering Allatar in their greed and so this time They poured all of Their energy into creating another generation of Children. These were the Gods, the Seven Divines.   They took on everything good from within the soul of Eai and each was a powerful reflection of the mighty Forebear. This creation drained Eai, and They took to slumber, entrusting the world to Their children to save. Before They finally fell asleep, Eai gathered Their children and spoke the Seven Great Words onto them.   The Divine Children took to the World and saw that their enemies were numerous. The Dragons has spawned many generations in the time Eai had birthed them, the Dragons were crafty, sharing some of the Forebears ability to create life, they had spawned their own servants from the each and from their souls.   While the Seven Divines were strong beyond any single Dragon, they were young and the Dragons were old and wise and cunning and so the battles lasted for many hundreds of years. Eventually, the Divines were victorious, the Dragons were either dead, imprisoned or driven into hiding, never again to trouble the world.

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