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Light Clinics

Purpose / Function

Light Clinics are exactly what they sound like. They are buildings in which the sick and injured can go to to get healing, however they work a bit differently in the Empire of Fanentous. First of all, they are most often owned and ran by the Church of Fanentous, and clerics will usually be stationed their to use their healing magic on patients.   Also, unlike other infirmaries, light clinics are specifically designed to handle medical cases of the magical variety. They are the go to place for Mana Poisoning and Exhaustion, curses, magical disease, spell accidents, potion poisoning, etc.


Because the clinics are owned by the government and the church, the design of the clinics tend to stay pretty uniform. They will usually be single story buildings with white walls and gold trim, with stain glass windows to protect the privacy of the patients inside. Often they will also be marked by Fanenta's symbol on the front.   The interior will usually be wide and open with plenty of sunlight and plants decorating the area. The plants are often medicinal herbs and flowers that aid with common illnesses and potion crafting. Smaller locations rarely have separate rooms, rather using privacy curtains if need be. Fancier clinics in the city may have separate rooms for patients that need to be quarantined.   All clinics also come with a separate living quarters, as the clerics assigned to the location usually will live in the building as permanent residents


Before the inception of the light clinics, people in need of extra magical aid would turn to the Church of Fanentous for assistance. This was because many of it's clergy were Light Magic users, which can branch off into healing magic. However, during times of war or plague, the church would get overwhelmed with patients, and eventually would plead to the government for permission to expand to other locations so they would have more resources.   Considering the dire state of public health at the time, the government agreed, but laws would have to be put in place to make sure the Church didn't have complete control over public health. For starters, the clinics could not turn down a patient based on race or religious values, as the churches were known to do in the past. They could also not attempt to indoctrinate or guilt patients into joining the clergy.

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