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One of the famous landmarks of the city of Suqara, Dalsiha serves as a gathering place and forum for the city's healers, especially those who gain their powers from the worship of deities. It's single tall spire makes it stand out across the skyline, built to give clerics in attendance an easy way to call to prayer. It also serves as a place where the citizens can always seek help, with the doors being open for visitors at all times of the cycle. As such, it receives much traffic.   The clerics of Dalsiha do not charge for their service they provide. One of the mission statements of the founders was to make it a place anyone could get the help they need. And demanding money for service would be a hindrance to that, even if the people of Suqara tend to be very well off. That being said, donations are accepted and much appreciated. And the people of Suqara are usually more than happy to support the endeavor.

Purpose / Function

Dalsiha is a place for the clerics of various deities of healing and similar purviews to gather. This is not only to exchange knowledge between peers, but also provide an easy place for the citizens of Suqara to find aid if needed. It also still serves as a place of worship and hosts syncretic rituals of worship to honor the many deities worshipped by its healers.


The building is constructed of sandstone and spouts a large spire, from which calls to prayer could be signalled. The primary founders of Dalsiha were worshippers of the gods Deius and Malakhia, which heavily influenced the architecture. Massive draconic statues flank the main door and multicolored stained glass windows cast a rainbow's worth of light over the interior.


As the Suqaran people expanded more and more the list of deities they had come to worship after winning their liberation, they found that many of them had interests in common. In the interest of pooling ressources, early worshippers of Deius and Malakhia came together in 1926 AIT to construct a place for faithful healers to gather. It also meant it would be easier for the people in need of healing to find them. Dalsiha,the Healing Mosque, was finishedtwo years later in 1928 AIT. Since then, more faiths have joined together, though the follower of Deius and Malakhia remain the most numerous.


A large amount of pilgrims of various healing gods pass by the building every year. It is also a popular sight among travelers and certainly a place they keep in mind in case they get hurt or injured.
Founding Date
1928 AIT
Alternative Names
The Healing Mosque
Temple / Religious complex


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