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Aoka's Bathhouse

Known for its healing waters, the baths are highly sought after, and some slots are reserved years in advance.   The healing baths are extremely effective for any number of fungal infections and skin diseases that the Weinadi might suffer from. It's even been known to treat things like arthritis and other joint pains. Despite the fact that there are a number of hot springs in the area, this is the only one where these particular curative effects are seen, and so far no one has been able to replicate the treatments.

Purpose / Function

The building started as a simply inn, a waypoint for travelers going between the cities of the Basadu and the settlements of the Yagupa. As the area around the inn expanded, and more travelers came through, the owners decided to tunnel downward to expand the space they were able to offer.   This was when they discovered the hot springs. At first, it was a simple comfort, an additional lure to travelers to choose their inn over others. And then a visiting medical professional realized what the waters could do. To his credit, he told the innkeepers about this effect rather than try to bamboozle them into handing it over to him somehow. And to their credit, they went on to name the place after him when they rebranded.


Very little of the bathhouse is visible above ground. It's built into a rocky hill, dug down deep. There is a single story at ground level, a small attic and watchtower at the top, and then the rest of the bathhouse goes underground. The supportive stonework is exceptional.   The caverns with the baths are left largely as they were found when first excavated, and efforts are made to avoid changing the flow of the water, to ensure the continued effectiveness of the baths.


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