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Ròsahn Kartahse

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Ròsahn Kartahse is originally the name of an estate found in Everarch in the Northeastern Province, where a young nobleman lives, but which also is an established Healing House of Everarch. To locals, the young nobleman is known as Young Lord Ròsahn, a reliable physician with an expansive knowledge on herbal remedies and knows how to make refined potions and salves that rival the Alchemists of the Southern Principality.

Those who don't follow the God and live in Everarch or nearby villages choose to visit Ròsahn Kartahse for medical attention and removal of curses, as the Young Lord doesn't follow the God. However, it's also a choice of the devotees chooses as well, as the Everarch Temple recognise the Young Lord as a physician and Ròsahn Kartahse as a Healing House.

The physicians and herbalists of Ròsahn Kartahse all live within the estate to care for those who have been taken there, but may leave occasionally to care for someone off the premises.


The Young Lord appeared suddenly at the estate in 1288 ET, and quickly the estate received a reputation. The estate went from looking haggard and forgotten for decades to looking proper. Because the plants were so well-cared for, superstitious people began believing that the Young Lord and the estate itself has healing powers.

It was a fortunate coincidence that the Young Lord did indeed know medicine, and during 1291 ET he became known the Physician of Everarch, trusted by the townspeople, regardless of whether they believe in the God or not. The Young Lord became taking in the sick as more came to ask for his help, making the Everarch Temple acknowledge Ròsahn Kartahse as the local healer's establishment, with the Temple providing support for minor ailments.

In 1292 ET, the Young Lord took in servants versed in medicine to aid him, further establishing the estate as the local Healing House. Since Ròsahn Kartahse has primarily operated as one while remaining in the Young Lord's estate.
Founding Date
1288 ET
Alternative Names
Ròsahn Estate, Gehlar Ròsahn Neylens Kartahse
Parent Location

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