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The capital city of the Hold of the Sea Princes.
In the large town of Monmurg on Middlescier Skerry, the exact nature of one's business does not really matter, as long as a mess isn't made.   The primary port of the Hold of the Sea Princes is one of the most cosmopolitan places on the seas, and it is common to see Humans mixing freely with all kinds of folk, from Kenku to Goblins, Carcharion to gnolls. If you have money or goods to trade, you are welcome in Monmurg, though all must pay the Black Tax on top of any deal. Survival and profit are the driving forces of the town.   The pirates that work from this outpost would say it is the diamond of The Azure Sea, but it is a rough, uncut gem at best.   The City of Pirates often conjures romantic images of a magnificent port metropolis, majestic merchant galleons with bright sails, and dashing swashbucklers who greet their enemies with a playful wink and a tip of the hat. In reality, Monmurg is anything but that. It’s a dirty dive with filthy streets, squat buildings, ramshackle docks, creaky old longships, and crass pirates thinly disguised as sea traders.   Despite being the centre of piratical activity in the seas, Hammandaturian uses the power of the Hold of the Sea Princes and The Flock to keep an uneasy peace in the town. Indeed, there is a strict no-violence policy in Baytown, the major port, and it is rigorously enforced. All are expected to abide by the Pirates' Code whilst berthed here.   All incoming ships undergo a very thorough ‘customs check’ and any persons going ashore are logged, issued passes, and covertly watched. Only under unusual circumstances are non-members of the Sea Princes allowed in Mother's Berth, the walled northern section of the port. This is where the true power of the Hold of the Sea Princes rests and where Hammandaturian holds court, planning his raids.   The city is surrounded by large stone walls, dotted with guard towers equipped with catapults and ballistae that can fire on any ship trying to enter the port. The Docks are surprisingly well kept and clean.  

Notable Features and Buildings

Baytown is the largest district of Monmurg and comprises the foreign sector of the town. Here a diverse array of visitors meet and do trade, all under the auspices of the Sea Princes. All visitors are expected to adhere to the Pirates' Code whilst staying here.   The Grand Beacon
A large, white lighthouse that guards the entrance to the port of Monmurg. A huge bell, nicknamed The Spyglass, can be sounded to alert the town of an impending attack.   Monmurg Arena
This large circular arena is a vicious and dangerous place, where spectacle and entertainment are accompanied by death. Large amounts are wagered on the outcome of fights, and some slaves have even won their freedom here.   Monmurg Garrison
This walled compound serves as both barracks for the enforces of the Sea Princes and as a jailhouse. Justice here is swift and often deadly, and public executions are commonplace.   Mother's Berth
Only under unusual circumstances are non-members of the Sea Princes allowed in Mother's Berth, the walled northern section of the port of Monmurg. Here the Shepherd of the Sea Princes sits and plots his raids. The captains of the Sea Princes' fleet rest here between sailings.   Pleasure House of the Laughing Rogue
Part bordello, part gambling den, part shrine to Olidammara, this clean and surprisingly urbane building of red stone is infamous for the skills of its dancers, entertainers and pleasure-slaves.   The Purple Palace
The Purple Palace is the home and court of Hammandaturian, the Shepherd of the Sea Princes. Ostentatious and garish decor cannot dampen the atmosphere of quiet dread that visitors feel when entering.   The Rusty Cutlass
A large three-storey half-timbered building in the Baytown district, this tavern is a busy and raucous place. Furnished with a small fenced yard and dwarf-wrought iron tables and chairs, it is well lit by an iron chandelier constructed from a great anchor. Here members of all races sit, and drink, and fight. Accommodations consist of a single large room with wooden cots.   The Salty Pig
The Pig is an upmarket tavern in the Mother's Berth district. It is two-storey stone-walled building, with carved wooden doors depicting a huge sea battle. Accommodations consist of several large rooms with beds and feather mattresses. The innkeeper is a large black-scaled Dragonborn called Othec.   Slave Market
The Slave Market of Monmurg is one of the very few places where slaves are still bought and sold freely. Slaves are shipped in from the coastal cities of The Azure Sea like clockwork.   Temples of the Many
A large open compound, this area contains many temples to myriad gods. Preachers and priests shout and call out their devotions, trying to attract worshippers and the gold they carry.  

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