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At first glance the Isle of Malsay looks like any other large tropical island; sandy, palm-strewn beaches, and towering cliffs topped with jungle. It is a place that has puzzled scholars for years however.   Situated at the far edge of the Milbar Gulf, the isle covers an area of around 1,600 square miles, and is home to a wide variety of tropical creatures. Seals and dolphins frolic in the shallow reef that circles the entire island.   The Isle of Malsay is unusual in a few aspects. It is missing from all maps created before the turn of the 48th Century. Maps at that time were much cruder, but some find it hard to believe that such a large island was not noted at all.   The isle has also never been colonised. Of those few who have ventured past it's shining white beaches, most have not returned. The couple that did return reported terrifying beasts that lurked in the cliff-top jungles, and strange curved and pointed buildings that seemed to grow out of the rock and were made of a strange metallic material.

The Isle of Malsay by Maciej Wojtala

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