Deep Beck

Deep Beck is a long and deep canyon that runs from the centre of the Kuskyn Mesas┬áin an almost straight path to the Painted Pool, some 100 miles to the south-east. Along the bottom of the canyon runs the Beck itself, a fast-flowing, rapid-strewn river.   The canyon varies in depth along it's length, but in places is up to 250 feet deep, the river in the bottom passing through the dark shadows of the cliff walls on either side. Little vegetation grows along the straited canyon walls, giving the place a desolate and strange atmosphere. The sound of the Beck roaring over the rocks below is deafening.   Deep Beck is a place avoided by most common folk. It holds nothing of value and many dangers.

Deep Beck by Donald Giannatti

Alternative Name(s)
Beck Canyon
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Cover image: River by Salma_lx


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