Linnet Spinney

Linnet Spinney is a large wood that borders the River Linnet in the southern part of the Western Commonlands.   Covering an area of some 400 square miles, the forest has widely spaced trunks, though it is clearly archaic. Its canopy is eclipsed by linden and poplar trees, and cascading lights bouncing between the leaves allow for bright shrubs to flourish in the branch and twig laden ground below.   Coiling branches embrace most trees, and an array of flowers, which blossom brightly, stand out against the otherwise mundane terrain.   A hodgepodge of wild sounds, belonging mostly to insects, adds life to the forest, and they seem to be strangely synchronized with the sound of the wind blowing gently through the woodland.   Deeper inside the forest, along the banks of the Linnet, travellers swear that they can hear a constant, low whispering noise, as if the branches of the trees are talking to one another. For this reason the Spinney is sometimes referred to as the Whispering Wood. Time seems to pass slowly along the wooded banks of the river.

Linnet Spinney by Louis Strongin

Alternative Name(s)
The Whispering Wood
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Cover image: Forest by Unknown


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