The rose-tinted sands of the village of Redshore are known throughout the Western Commonlands for their beauty. Local legends say that the sands are stained with the blood of the drowned; those who perished in storm-wrecked ships in The Spit of Salting Bay.   Along the lengthy beach, under the cover of high cliffs, sits the village itself. The buildings are made of wood, mostly driftwood, with stone foundations.   There is a small harbour at the eastern end of the beach, under the control of the Cerulean Empire, azure penants blowing from the ships' masts. The Empire seems to have a lot of influence in the village, even though it is outside Imperial borders.   The village has a slightly melancholy air about it, and this extends to the dour church of Atroa that sits on the cliffside next to some old ruins.  

Notable Features and Buildings

Atroa's Chapel
This large but modest chapel is dedicated to the goddess Atroa in her guise as the Herald of Storms. The place is a dour building, without decoration and lacking in colour.   Baraxi Ruins
This ancient ruined fort sits atop the cliffs above the village. It is old enough to predate the Cerulean Empire, and was probably the home of some long-lost baron. A strange creature has made it's home here, the Tortle Goryt.   The Hand
Standing atop a hill above the village stands the ruined statue of an open hand, palm facing out towards the sea of Salting Bay. The statue is some 15 feet in height, and appears to be of great age, though none know why it is there.   The Open Palm
This small tavern sits on the cliffs above the village. It is named for the strange stone statue of a hand that stands nearby. The ale and food are serviceable, but that is all that can be claimed.   Redshore Harbour
This small harbour in the village of Redshore is operated by the Imperial Navy of the Cerulean Empire as an Imperial Outpost, though the rule of Imperial law stops beyond the harbour walls.   Redshore Sands
The long sandy beach at Redshore consists of soft, rose-coloured sand. Local legend has it that the colour is due to the blood of the many sailors who have washed up after their ships hit the rocks of The Spit.  

Travel Distances

All distances are approximate and via the shortest possible routes, which might not always be practical. Where a travel distance is not shown there is no connecting route possible (e.g. there is no road or waterway that links the places).

Redshore by Robert Phelan

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