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Rel Crater

The Rel Crater is a massive meteor impact crater in the Western Commonlands. The size of the feature is staggering; it is almost ten miles wide at it's largest point, and in places reaches down to a depth of around 3000 feet. In the lowest points of the crater there is almost permanent shadow, casting it into a deep darkness. A huge rim wall, up to 500 feet in height, surrounds the edge of the crater.   The rim wall is broken in many places, either due to the hundreds of years of winds and rains funneled between the Darview Fells and peaks of the Balnoque Spine, or due to the excavations of Dwarves, Orcs and others.   The crater is a contested region. The Hill Dwarves of the Koldor Dwarf Clans mine the walls of the crater in search of Celestial Steel, which they prize highly and use to make wondrous items. The Ghoshbeg Rel orc tribe also wishes dominion over the crater, which they see as a religious site - the place where Gruumsh fought Corellon Larethian.   According to the dwarf-folk that have ventured down towards the base of the crater, there are strange tunnels and crevasses that lead down into the depths of the earth. They do not appear to be natural in origin, but what made them remains a mystery.

Rel Crater by Unknown

Alternative Name(s)
The giants' bowl.
Crater / Crater Lake / Caldera
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