Plumate Basin

The Plumate Basin is a large crater lake in an arid and cold environment situated in a fork of the Balnoque Spine¬†spine close to White Plume Mountain.   It is likely the result of a meteor impact similar to the one that formed the Rel Crater, and was perhaps even formed at the same time. Unlike the Rel Crater¬†however, the Basin soon became a lake as it caught the melt waters that run down from the peaks of the Balnoque Spine.   The waters of the lake are rich in the minerals and salts washed down from the surrounding mountains, and during the summer months, as the lake begins to recede and disappear, huge columns and strange shapes are left standing in the rapidly drying mud. These salt statues glisten and sparkle, giving the place an eerie atmosphere.   Tall tales tell that the crystalline salt statues come to life at certain times of the year.

Plumate Basin by Galyna Andrushko

Crater / Crater Lake / Caldera
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Cover image: Lake by ZillNiazi


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