Onyxian Ruins

The Black Fort was an important staging post during the The Great Pelagic War. Lying just north of the edge of the Tercana Bluffs, the fort was used as a way point to resupply the Cerulean Empire¬†forces, initially on their way north during the The Teraknian Augmentation, and then later as a defensive stage in the long retreat.   The keep was made of a strange, jet-black rock that is found nowhere else in the area, and to this day the source of the stone remains a mystery. Many scholars now believe that the Empire must have just taken control over a fortress that was already standing from some bygone age. Regardless of the source of the building material, the black rock gives the place an oppressive atmosphere.   There are many terrible rumours of the horrors that were committed in the Black Keep during the war. Foul whispers of "experiments" and "unholy unions" continue to swirl around the taverns of the Western Commonlands. Whatever the truth of the matter, the Empire took the very unusual act of destroying it's own fortress, almost razing it to the ground. To this day none know the real reason such a thing was done.   Now the ruins are avoided and a place of dark superstition.

The Onyxian Ruins by Tomas Duchek

5651 AtD

Alternative Name(s)
The Black Fort
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Cover image: Ancient Sites by Unknown


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