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Burle Hills

The Burle Hills are a large area of rolling, green tumulus that sits between the Darwood and the coast road between Saltmarsh and Burle, covering some 1800 square miles.   The hills mainly consist of long ridges running north to south, flanking narrow valleys. The majority of the hills are covered in verdant tussock and grass, the vegetation being more lush on the eastern banks of the hills. The tallest of the ridges, in the centre of the range, is some 2,000 feet above sea level.   The eastern edges of the hills are farmed by the local population, and it is common to see herds of cattle and sheep grazing along the ridges. There are several small farms and halfling communities along the edge of the hills, close to the coast road.   Deeper inside the hills are several tribes of Goblins and ogres, and these areas are normally avoided, despite the rich minerals that are to be found there.   The Burle Hills are sometimes colloquially referred to as the "The Old Mounds". There is some evidence that the first settlements in the region were founded in these hills, though all that remains as evidence is heavily ruined farmsteads, houses and the odd ringfort dating back over a thousand years.

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Alternative Name(s)
The Old Mounds
Rolling Hills
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