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A large fortress settlement constructed from huge grey blocks of stone, Drakenham sits under the shadow of the Balnoque Spine.   Originally constructed by a clan of Dwarves in the distant past, as well as Moradin's folk it has over the years been home to humans, Goblins, and spent long periods of abandonment.   Over the last fifty years it has been settled by a clan of Dragonborn, of metallic dragon lineage. Always loners and outcasts, the clan found a place of safety and sanctuary where they could keep to themselves and also be close to the homelands of several metallic dragons.   The cliff against which the village is built is so sheer and smooth that no wall need be built on the side of the mountain where Drakenham sits. The castle is without adornment; only crenellations and arrow slits break its solid face of stone. Inside the walls are buildings of the same grey stone blocks that house animals and are used for smithwork, candlemaking, training, and brewing beer.   Travellers are free to visit Drakenham, up to a point. The Dragonborn allow adventurers and caravans to make camp within their walls, but they forbid access to the keep and the extensive caves below. Drakenham is rumoured to contain a passage to the Underdark, a claim that the Dragonborn neither confirm nor deny.   The village is protected by an elite armed force called the Drakenwardens.   The Blood Hunter order is rumoured to be based in the mountains nearby, in their fortification of Sandorne Keep.

Notable Features and Buildings

Hall of Elders
This large castle of grey stone and a two-towered central keep sits under the shadow of the mountains. The clan elders sit here and discuss matters of concern to the Dragonborn, reclusive and secretive. There is a rumour that the keep contains a passage that leads all the way down to the Underdark.   School of Affray
Life on the edge of the wilderness of the Balnoque Spine is harsh, and many young Dragonborn are trained in the martial and monkish arts at this small but renowned academy. The clash of steel on steel can be heard throughout the village when lessons are taking place.   Temple of Bahamut
The Temple of Bahamut is a relatively plain and austere looking stone building on the outside, but inside it is richly decorated with large draconic statues, long silver-threaded tapestries and an altar of obsidian. Great silver bells, inlaid with platinum filigree, toll out the passing of the hours.   The Drakengate
This tall imposing stone structure of dwarven design has been embellished with two huge statues of dragons that stand either side of the entrance.   The Exchange
The Exchange is the primary marketplace of the village. Most items are bartered in exchange for goods, rather than purchased with coin. The inhabitants value function over value, and would rather receive a well-made pick or lantern as payment than a few shiny coins.   The Spine Road
This narrow path leads out of the village and winds its way up the side of the mountains of the Balnoque Spine that loom over the settlement. It passes several mines along the way, but where it eventually leads few have discovered.   The Wyrm's Claw
This austere stone establishment is the only place outsiders are permitted to stay whilst in Drakenham. The staff are distant to non-Dragonborn and look on visitors with some suspicion. Still, the place is clean and well-appointed, and the Drakenbeer ale is refreshing, if potent and strange tasting.  

Travel Distances

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