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Collared Hills

The Collared Hills, so called because the tallest peaks are often covered in a mantle of snow, is a range of hills that lies between Bitterbloom Wood and the Balnoque Spine, running some 150 miles in length.   Covered in thick heather, the hills often turn a beautiful shade of mauve in the summer season, then look bare and stark in the winter.   The largest settlement in the hills is the town of Elry, an important location that the Dwarves of Koldor's Hold use to ship their trade goods along the Kingfisher River, to more civilised areas. A rough road runs north from the town to the gates of the Hold, though it can be a dangerous track, hunted by bandits eager for plunder from the dwarven wagon trains.   The northern region of the hills is dotted with mines run by families of Hill Dwarves. As the hills reach west their height begins to climb until they form the eastern foothills of the great Balnoque Spine mountain range.   A tribe of Hill Giants is said to live in the western region of the hills.

The Collared Hills by Neil McIntyre

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