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A village atop the sea cliffs.
Uskarn is a small fishing village of nine hundred souls that sits on the Great North Road, around 150 miles north of Saltmarsh. Though the place is primarily a human settlement, a handful of elves. dwarves, and gnomes have also made their homes here.   Most of Uskarn's inhabitants earn a living fishing in the shallows of the adjacent bay or venturing farther out to sea if they're after more impressive catches. The village boasts an unusually large port for its size, used both for its own fishing boats and for the trading vessels and naval ships that infrequently stop here on their way through the area.   Visitors to Uskarn are normally just passing through, though they may be found in the popular tavern known as The Fog and Frog, a large warehouse converted into a drinking establishment with a dozen modest rooms to rent in the back.   Uskarn is managed by a village council of six respected merchants, who guide general policy for the small settlement. A bailiff and small militia help to protect the inhabitants from the myriad threats of these wild lands between the more civlised areas of Saltmarsh and Burle.   The sigil of Uskarn is a large sea fish with an arrow piercing it's eye.  

Notable Features and Buildings

Church of Procan
This large wood and brick church on the edge of the village of Uskarn is dedicated to the Storm Lord, Procan. The church stands close to the edge of a high cliff that overlooks the crashing sea below. The large graveyard has already begun to collapse into the waves, several of the older graves having already been lost.   The Fog and Frog
A popular tavern, the "Frog" is a converted warehouse with a dozen modest rooms to rent in the back. The proprieter, Skeldruff Plenk, is a retired gnome adventurer turned brewer.   Golpin's Goods
Marius Golpin, owns and runs this large general store in Uskarn. The building is constructed from patched wood, and looks to be in a state of disrepair.   Grove of Beory
This grove in the woods west of the village, is dedicated to the earth goddess Beory. it is tended by an elderly druid named Vortanim.   Raal's Wares
Davus Raal owns and runs this large general store, a timber and brick cabin, with several shuttered windows and a couple of pigs in a pen by the front doors. Many of the goods within are related to the fishing and hunting trades.   The Smithy
This well built and stocked smithy is owned and run by Mirria Delvane, a retired soldier turned blacksmith. It does good trade with travellers and trade wagons that travel the Great North Road.   Uskarn Guardhouse
This is a large converted timber and brick townhouse on the edge of the village. The windows are barred and the doors have been replaced with iron gates. A wooden stockade stands outside the front.   Uskarn Skins
This large timber and brick building has a tall chimney from which noxious smoke emanates. It is the local tannery and leather merchant. Dug into the cliff behind the building is a large cave strung with skins and pelts drying over large trenches of hot coals.   Uskarn Village Hall
A large building at the western end of the village square in Uskarn, this place serves as the venue for council meetings and village celebrations and events. A small stage stands near the front of the building, and a sign depicting the fish and arrow sigil of Uskarn swings in the wind above the doors.  

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Uskarn by Jedd Chevrier

ca. 900
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