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Brandenhook is an old town on the edge of the Drowned Forest in the Western Commonlands.   In days gone by the town was an outpost of the Cerulean Empire. It was an affluent place centred on an old temple to Pholtus and trade in lumber and herbs from the nearby marshes. The temple attracted people from miles around, often to see the famous stained glass dome that stood above it. The dome was designed such that it focussed the rays of the sun into a powerful beam of energy which crackled down onto the centre altar.   Now the town and temple lie in ruins, and the encroaching swamp, unhindered by the moats and barriers that the town's citizens maintained, has reclaimed the settlement, flooding the broken buildings. The fine stone architecture of the Cerulean architects now lies broken and overgrown. Nature has reasserted it's dominance and the place is now avoided.   In 5650 AtD, during the Great Pelagic War the town was an outpost of the Cerulean Army. It was besieged by the forces of the Antarian Federation for several weeks. The siege ended in the Battle of Brandenhook, in which the Elves drove out the Cerulean soldiers. The Empire would not give up such a prized location so easily however, and in an act of scorched earth militarism they set the buildings of the town ablaze, leaving it in ruins.   Tales say that the spirits of the slain warriors still haunt the ruined town.

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5650 AtD

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