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Darview Fells

This large highland of moor-covered hills sits between the Darwood and the Balnoque Spine, and covers an area of some 4,500 square miles.   The southern tips of the fells almost reaches the town of Silverstand, and the northern hills progress well beyond the Gatimar River.   The fells are a beautiful landscape, but can be inhospitable too. The winds on the high-ground pour down from mountains to the west, bringing chill air that can drop the temperature considerably, even when the sun is high in a cloudless sky.   The very southern regions are used as grazing land by the few hardy farm-steaders and Hill Dwarves in the area, but the further north one travels the more dangerous the land becomes. Orcs are a common danger in the middle and northern regions, and their city of Rel Grugkun hides in the steep valleys.   The orcs are in conflict with the local tribe of Hill Giants, the Slanog Tribe, who normally keep to themselves. However, due to orc attacks they have recently begun to move further out from their ancestral steadings, which means they have come into greater contact with the civilised races, especially the Dwarves  Dark whispers talk of dragons, ogres, and a terrible Lord of the Fells who reside in the more wild parts of the moors. There are certainly mysteries to be uncovered in this wildland, such as who made the strange stone cairns that can be seen on some of the higher hills?

Darview Fells by John Lennox

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Darview Moors
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