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Great North Road

The Great North road runs from north to south, generally following the western coast of The Azure Sea from Burle to Seaton, a distance of roughly 500 miles.   The road was constructed around 230 years ago during the The Teraknian Augmentation, as the Cerulean Empire began to expand its borders.   South of Saltmarsh the road is made of laid stone cobbles taken from the sea cliffs. Further north the quality of construction becomes poorer, until the road becomes little more than a well-worn track through the Tercana Bluffs.   Most of the road now lies in a state of some disrepair, apart from close to various settlements where the townsfolk try and keep it clear and maintained. In some places, particularly close to the Drowned Forest the road has fallen into such as state that it can be difficult for wagons to pass. Despite this it remains the main means of land transport in the Western Commonlands.   Further south, where the road crosses into the Cerulean Territories at Leger's Span, the road suddenly becomes a well-maintained highway. In this region it is lined with watchtowers at regular intervals, that also serve as waystations for merchants and travellers. This more civilised stretch of the road is patrolled regularly by the blue-coated guards of the Cerulean Army.

The Great North Road near Seaton by Hyunho Lee

Founding Date
ca. 5550 AtD
Alternative Names
The Great Coast Road
Parent Location

Cover image: Road by Unknown


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