The fortified town of Burle.
Burle is a fortified outpost that is always on guard for monsters emerging from the Darwood and the Northern Reaches. It serves as a key stopover point for travellers venturing north from the southern coastal region. The community is dominated by a small keep set atop a hill that overlooks the forest and river at its borders. A few farms cluster around it, the locals relying on the local militia to keep them safe from marauders.   The town was originally set up as a fortification by the Cerulean Empire during the Great Pelagic War. It's purpose was to keep watch over the crossing of the Gatimar River. The fortification was partially destroyed towards the end of the war, but has since been rebuilt by the local people who came to reside here after the war.   Years ago, the guards of Burle helped the denizens of the Darwood defeat an incursion by cultists worshiping elemental evil fire. Since then, Burle, the Elves, and the town of Silverstand have observed the Wild Flame Pact - a treaty that calls for mutual defence against the Darwood's horrors.   Burle has a population of around 2,500, who are mainly involved in farming, the production of pottery using the unusual red clay of the Gatimar River, or in the local militia. They are mainly made up of humans and halflings, though the sight of an Eldgach is not uncommon due to the proximity of the Darwood. Dwarves are also a relatively common sight, especially since the founding of the Copperlocks Mine.   The outpost is commanded by its castellan, Kiara Shadowbreaker, who has led many successful raids into the Darwood.  

Notable Features and Buildings

Bannon's Farm
North-west of the town is a large wheat farm owned by the Halfling Bannon Family, who have tilled the soil here for years. The wheat from the farm is a distinct bronze colour as it is fed by the waters of the Red River. Narin Bannon brews the famous Narin's Ale here.   Burle Market
In the centre of the town is a small market, mainly selling local farm goods and services.   Burle Pool
Burle Pool is a large saltwater pond just outside the walls of the town. It used for fishing and recreational swimming by the locals. According to local legend, a captive ocean elemental was captured by a traveling wizard, who made his home within the town. When the wizard died, the ocean elemental was freed, but couldn’t find his way home. He took the small pond as his home, and it has been salty ever since.   Camping Grounds
The Camping Grounds outside of the walls of Burle is an area set aside for travellers and merchants to stay. Only those with special dispensation are allowed to stay overnight in the fortified town itself. The Grounds are close to Burle Pool and the Great North Road.   Gatimar Bridge
The Gatimar Bridge is a fortified bridge that spans the Gatimar River near the town. The towers on either side are relics of the Great Pelagic War, but still well-maintained and used. It is the only safe place to cross the rushing red waters of the Gatimar River for many miles.   Gatimar Lodge Inn
A two storey building of stone walls, with a slated roof. The inn boasts a collection of tankards from many lands that sits upon a shelf. Accommodation consists of several large rooms with beds and straw mattresses and several hammocks in the common room. Only townsfolk or those given special dispensation by the town castellan can stay here.   Gristmill Farm
Owned by the Tosscobble family of halflings, Gristmill Farm sits just outside the town. They take the wheat from many of the other farms in the area and grind it down using a series of five large windmills.   Ollon's Stables
Ollon Cobhand owns the only stables in the town. The establishment is not particularly grand, but the horses sold and berthed here are well-treated and cared for.   Pleasant Pottery
Sarry Pleasant is the half-elf owner of this large and successful pottery. The goods made here are renowned and sought after in the markets of Keymouth, and even further afield, due to the unusual red clay from the Gatimar River that has been used in their manufacture.   Telen's Arms
Dainan Telen, a hill dwarf smith, has a small, but productive smithy in town. The forges here are used mainly for farm equipment and horse tack, though the garrison in Wildflame Keep also uses his services from time to time.   Temple of Atroa
The largest building in the town, apart from Wildflame Keep, is the stone Temple of Atroa. It is full every Godsday as families flock in from the many farms around the town to give thanks to the Bringer of Spring. The church is run by the Planterings.   Wildflame Keep
The large central keep is a remnant of the Great Pelagic War. The keep is said to have a distinctive copse of trees growing within, though it primarily serves as the base for the garrison that protects the many farms in the area.  

Travel Distances

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Burle by Lucas Hardi

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