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The folk of Saltmarsh point to Seaton as an example of the fate they want to avoid. For years. Seaton was about twice as large as Saltmarsh and enjoyed prosperous fishing and shipping industries. When Emperor Vilihame Jehen turned his attention north to deal with the raids of the Hold of the Sea Princes his admirals chose Seaton as the location for an important military port.   Today, Seaton has been fully integrated back into the Cerulean Empire, and transformed from a robust fishing town into a drab fortress. Seaton's harbour is heavily fortified, and a large garrison of naval ships, infantry, and cavalry serves as the primary defence point for the region.   Duke Marik Feldren rules over the town in his capacity of governor of the southern province that includes Seaton. The Emperor actually granted Marik's older brother, the war hero Obertus Feldren, governorship of the province. But the affable duke's reign was short-lived, for he fell ill and died a year later.   The title fell to Marik, a sheltered hothead eager to surpass his brother's legend. He considers the natives of the region as cowards who hid away in their isolated villages while the north suffered its losses. He further believes that his brother. who had a genuine fondness for the local fishers and traders, was laid low by traitors in service to the Sea Princes.   The eastern noble district is more heavily fortified than the rest of the town, and controls the deep harbour canal. Life in Seaton goes on much as it did before the Empire's control, and despite the higher taxes, curfews, and growing military presence, most folks are pleased with the increased security on offer.   The blue-jacketed Blue Guard of the Waterfront Garrison keep crime to a minimum within the city walls.   To the west of the town, outside the walls, lies an area known as The Yard. This large graveyard is dedicated to military tombs, and was constructed at the end of the The Great Pelagic War  to honour those who fell in the conflict.  

Notable Features and Buildings

Audrok's Arms
The half-orc Audrok Clamfist who owns this smithy in Seaton is known throughout the Empire as one of the finest in the land. He is also known for the metal fist on his right hand, his own having been lost to a Carcharion's jaws.   Caleb's Curiosities A small stone house that sits inauspiciously on Paupers' Lane, this building contains a single dark and dingy room. It is full of wonders. Curiosities and unusual devices from all over the Azure Sea can be found here. Strange totems traded with the natives of the Kasjur, decorative urns of unusual design recovered from wrecks, and ancient scrolls in an undecipherable text are all to be found amongst the treasures here. The proprietor is an unusually tall, thin and pale man called Caleb Sakukor.   Church of Kord
At the intersection of Coachmans' Road and Flock Street sits a grand edifice of a building. Huge columns carved in the likeness of gladiators and warriors from through the ages and of all races line the walls. This is the Church of Kord, where a small, but dedicated flock serves The Brawler. Rumours persist of an underground Fight Club that operates from the basement, but surely if that were true someone would be talking about it?!   Coachmans' Road Warehousing
This collection of large warehouses sits on Coachman's Road. It is a constant hive of activity as porters and guards move huge crates onto caravans to be taken into or out of the city. The warehouses are used for storage by the many merchants of the docks.   Coachmans' Road Wheelwrights
Situated near Westgate, this huge wheelwrights also manufacturers wagons and coaches that can often be seen travelling the highways of the Cerulean Territories. Much of the lumber is used is shipped by sea from Thunder Lumber Mills in Keymouth. The proprietors are an old couple of brothers, Allston and Rudy Thorbet.   Delvin's Stables
This large stable in the noble district of Seaton is primarily used by the agents and employees of the Empire. It is run by the Delvin family, a house of minor nobles from Keymouth.   The Duke's Coachman
This well appointed tavern and coaching inn sits in the affluent noble district on the east side of town. The inn is a large stone-walled building, with vaulted ceilings. Accommodations consist of several large rooms with beds and soft, woollen mattresses.   Dyphylla's House of Calm
The House of Calm on Harlot's Rest is a large upmarket brothel and pleasure house. It caters to visitors from the noble district and further afield, and offers a variety of refreshments. Dyphylla, the proprietor, is said to be a beautiful dryad from the Fearwyd Weald.   Eastern Gate
A newly-built fortification has been overlaid on the original eastern gate into the town of Seaton, and it is guarded day and night. The doors generally open during the day, but in the evening they are closed to all except those with official business.   Elrad Manor
This large fortified manor house in the western commercial district is home to the Elrad family of maritime traders who made their money shipping exotic woods from the city of Antaros. Jankin Elrad is the patriach of the family, a stern and imperious man by all accounts.   Emperor Vilihame Jehen Bridge
This large stone bridge over the canal of Seaton is carved with Imperial shields and insignia. It was constructed around 20 years ago, after Seaton once again fell under the sway of the Empire.   Farlock Storage
Located on Crock Street, Farlock's is a huge warehouse used by various sea captains to store and hold their goods prior to transport, and for checking by the Seaton Imperial Trade Authority. It is guarded night and day, and the wagons that transport goods to and from the docks are also well guarded.   Feldren Keep
The main seat of power in the town of Seaton, this fortified keep sits at the northern end of the noble district. The family patriarch, Duke Marik Feldren, rules the town from within the keep walls. He is said to be a sheltered hothead who wants to surpass the legacy of his brother, the war hero Obertus Feldren, who was originally appointed by Emperor Vilihame Jehen.   The Fish Market
The Fish Market in town is one of the busiest places in the port. The day starts early here as the first fishing fleets of the day bring in their catch. Whilst the smell of the area is strong and distinctive, there is money to be made and spent on the huge variety of the catch.   Hopesinger Leatherworks
Located on the junction between Mariner's March and Garrison Road, this large tannery and leatherworks produces armour, sheeting and canvas by the yard. It is owned and run by Darryl Hopesinger, a retired bard who still welcomes any opportunity to perform.   House of Procan
This large cathedral in the southern part of Seaton is dedicated to the Storm Lord Procan. It has a large and influential flock as it attracts many of the traders, sea captains and fishermen that make up the majority of the populace. The church is decorated with carvings of coral and sea creatures.   Imperial Docks
Large, busy and always bustling with activity, these docks on the eastern side of Seaton port are for the sole use the Imperial Navy and smaller ships on official business of the Emperor. The Second Fleet of the Imperial Navy is based here.   Kelanen's Kirk
This large temple is dedicated to the Prince of Swords. The temple was originally a place of business for pirates and smugglers, but since the Empire has taken control of the town it is now more commonly frequented by more desirable types, such as students of fencing and duelling. The history of the kirk is still seen in the decorations carved in to the wooden pillars and arches, which depict many a sea battle between piratical forces.   Lord Garulan's Manor
Lord Briceus Garulan, a high ranking official in the Cerulean Army, lives in this manor in Seaton, here with his extended family. Garulan is an old and grizzled veteran, with a no-nonsense approach to war. He is a close advisor to Duke Marik Feldren.   Mariners' Guildhouse
The Mariners' Guild of Seaton holds considerable sway in the town. All Captains of a boat larger than a fishing boat must be a member before they are allowed to dock and load or unload cargo. This is an excellent place to find work on cargo ships or to hire vessels.   Netter's Supplies
Galdrik Netter is the appropriate name of the gnome who runs this net and fishing supply station in the town. The place is always busy, and serves the fishing fleets of the town and beyond. Most types of fishing tack and equipment can be purchased here, from small rods to huge harpoons for mounting on ship.   Paralyth's Books
A large bookstore in Seaton, Paralyth's Books also serves as a community library. The store is constructed almost like a temple to knowledge, and the books are treated with great reverence. The proprietor, a half-elf named Paralyth K'Sahd, is viewed as a community minded philanthropist by the folk of the town. He maintains a small private collection on the first floor for select clients.   The Piper's Horn
Situated towards the western end of Coachmans' Road in Seaton, the Horn is a two-storey half-timbered tavern, with finely-crafted tables and chairs. Accommodations consist of several large rooms with beds and woollen mattresses. The innkeeper is an overweight female human named Mara. She comprehends many languages, but speaks only draconic. The Horn is reputed to be haunted and there are many unsubstantiated tales of the phantoms that roam its rooms.   Seaton Bows
Flardryn Kelmaris, the elf who owns and runs this bowyers, is a slightly standoffish character, but the quality of her wares is without equal. Not only bows, but hunting traps, slings, and javelins can be found here, all of incredible design.   Seaton Imperial Trade Authority
The SITA controls the official trade that comes into and out of the Cerulean Empire. As well as taxing all incoming goods (a 2% tax is applied to all goods, which is sent via the Imperial Docks back to Keymouth, it is also tasked with ensuring no illicit trade enters the city.   Seaview Jewelry
Farlia Bulgetum is the bright young halfling that owns this small jewellery store. Her goods are of average quality, and tend towards the garish.   Seymour Family Shipwrights
A large, walled compound in the noble district of Seaton, the Seymour family have owned this shipwright for over 25 years. They have a lot of contracts with the Imperial Navy, and it is common to see Imperial ships docked here for outfitting and repairs.   The Siren's Call
Situated on the north docks of Seaton, this tavern is the central community hub for the fisherfolk of the town. The inn is constructed from the recovered wreck of an old pirate ship called The Siren. The walls of the tavern are decorated with trophies including sahuagin skulls and the carapace of a giant crab. Accommodations consist of several wooden cots in the cellar and woollen blankets near the hearth.   The Tipsy Trout
Located on Fishmongers' Row, The Trout is one of the best eateries in all the Empire. It is particularly famed for the many varieties of fresh fish that it serves friend in a beer batter and for it's Dreel meat. The proprietor, Elandor Uri'thana, is an ancient Alugach.   Tower of the Fist
This plain, tall stone tower on Temple Lane is the base of the Way of the Kraken, an order of warrior monks who utilise the tactics of krakens in combat - grappling and crushing their foes. They have been here for centuries, from before the first Imperial occupation. In fact this is one of the oldest buildings in Seaton. Despite the age and permanency of the building and institution, the monks are rarely seen by the populace. They do not involve themselves with the politics of the Empire, and are simply tolerated by the Duke and his men.   Waterfront Garrison
The Waterfront Garrison in Seaton is a fortified, stockade building close to the docks. It is the main headquarters of the town guard, known as the Blue Guard for their distinctive bright blue studded and padded armour. They typically wield halberds and spears. There are around 250 guards in the town.   Westgate
A highly fortified gate in the southwest wall of Seaton, this relatively new construction is guarded day and night. The doors are generally open during the day, but in the evening they are closed to all except those with official business.   Westmarkt
A large collection of semi-permanent tents and stalls, the Westmarkt of Seaton sells a huge variety of goods, most of them handcrafted. It is particularly famed for its scrimshaw.  

Travel Distances

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The fortified town of Seaton. by Tyler Edlin

Founding Date
5120 AtD
Alternative Name(s)
Sea Town
Large town
ca. 10,000
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