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Tynamore Reef

Made up of around 40 individual islands, Tynamore Reef is a long archipelago some 75 miles north of Keymouth. It is part of the Cerulean Empire, though the largest settlement on the chain, The Styes, does not officially recognise this fact. The Imperial Navy patrols the reef, on the look out for smugglers and pirates who make use of the many caves hidden in the cliffs.   Covering an area of some 25,000 square miles, the islands of the reef enjoy a tropical climate thanks to the warm waters of Trent's Channel that flow around it's southern end. The average water depth around the islands is only some 30 feet, meaning the waters are clear and home to many beautiful corals.   Most of the islands are uninhabited by civilised folk, though they are a paradise for birds and marine animals of all kinds. The sheer limestone cliffs, carved by years of erosion, make landing on many of the islands a difficult endeavour. Thick forests cover much of the land, consisting mainly of dry evergreens on the bigger islands, and limestone forests and minor mangrove forests around the bays. Several unique species of orchid can be found on the islands.   Large vessels can find it hard to approach the islands due to the shallow water and the many limestone rocks and reefs hidden just below the ocean surface. Fishers in small vessels frequent these waters, however, since the area is home to a huge variety of fish and shellfish, many of which are prized in Keymouth. Some report seeing schools of Merfolk swimming in the azure waters.   Apart from The Styes the only other large settlement on the reef is the exclusive Imperial holiday resort of Tyna Retreat. This lavish honeypot of a village is the favoured holiday destination of the great and good of Imperial society.

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