Feybend River

Flowing for almost 250 miles from it's source near the Springford Ruins under the eaves of the Fearwyd Weald, the Feybend meanders it's way slowly eastwards until it flows into Forling Basin at the town of Feymouth.   Those folk who live near the river often believe it to be mystical in some way. There are some tales that say it's true source is deep within the Fearwyd Weald, or even within the Feywild itself. Some old fisherfolk say that they have, from time to time, found strange jewellery and trinkets on their hooks. Certainly there is something otherworldly about the lazy, deep river that encourages one to rest and dip your toes for a brief moment.   The river is home to many species and good place to fish. Chub, bream, barbels, and more are easy to catch in the right places.   Every spring, the heavy rains in the west have a chance of causing the river to flood its banks, and although the flooding is never too severe, it causes hundreds of fish and frogs to become stranded in the muddy river banks.

The Feybend River by Emil Mlynarcik

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