Tyna Retreat

Tyna Retreat
Welcome to Tyna Retreat, exclusive vacation spot for the hard-working servants of the Empire! We provide therapeutic escapism, but the biggest challenge will be deciding how best to spend each day in this tropical paradise. Swim the crystal-clear reefs around the resort, relax in the famous talcum soft rainbow sand of our beaches, or enjoy the very best dining and entertainments in the Shimmering Plaza!
— from a Tyna Retreat Advertisement
The cove is the most striking feature of the retreat. Verdant cliff sides with tumbling waterfalls sparkle in the high sun. Crystal-clear water reveals pristine coral reefs. The water is cascading shades of blue and green not seen anywhere else in the world, or perhaps any other. At night, beneath the waves is another world, glowing with a full array of bright colours, as the cove is filled with bioluminescent plant and animal life. A Twilight Ray, whose wings luminesce blue and gold, might be seen sailing briefly from the water for a better look at you. The lights of the port village dance off the water with a thousand thousand sparkling points. The air is overwhelmingly refreshing, as if you've never really taken breath before.
— from the Imperial Travel Guide
  Tyna Retreat is an exclusive holiday resort for the rich, famous, and well-connected of the Cerulean Empire, situated in the Tynamore Reef. It is expensive to visit, but relatively safe as the Imperial guards surreptitiously patrol the reef and beaches. The resort offers a variety of entertainments, from fine dining, gambling, bath-houses, spas, and the like. It is particularly famous for its bird-watching opportunities as several rare species can be found on the island close to the resort.   Ships from the Empire dock twice a day. Trader ships dock early in the morning, brining supplies to the resort, and a regular ship, no larger than a brig, docks at the main harbour mid-morning every day, brining passengers from Keymouth.   A diverse population of up to 200 holidaymakers can be found enjoying the delights of the resort at any one time. Around 50 permanent staff live on the island, ready to serve their customers in any way necessary.  

Notable Features and Buildings

Arbalest Tower
The Arbalest Tower stands on a rocky island not far from the shore. The tower was originally built to house a huge arbalest that would have been used to defend the cove, but the siege weapon remains unfinished on an empty floor. Until it's needed, the locals have set up an open-plan inn and tavern. Hammocks for rent above, drinks and food below.   The Brassy Casket
The Brassy Casket has three floors, a patio, and a rooftop bar. The structure is a clever, if a bit ramshackle, mix of ship's wood, palm logs and coquina. The tavern sign is in the shape of a burial casket, and upon entering, the location's name starts to make sense. Above the bar is displayed a coffin, open and empty of corpses, luckily, but full of rum bottles.   The Den
This large hall is an exclusive gambling hall. Though the external walls seem to be made of bamboo the interior is decorated with luxuriant panelling, marble pillars and gold-trimmed mahogany gaming tables.   Great Hall
The Great Hall is where port business meetings, weddings, and the like take place. The great hall is a big sturdy building, made from imported timber and local coquina, with a clay tile roof. Usually empty, unless there is a celebration or important business to discuss. When it is active, no matter the reason, it takes on a festive atmosphere. It is also used as a place of shelter during hurricanes.   The Pantheon
For worshippers locally and from afar, this bamboo building acts as a temple. There is one room with dozens of alcoves built into the walls. These spaces hold statuettes and idols representing a wide variety of deities. Strangely, the building also doubles as a gift shop.   The Pintwright
The Pintwright tavern is spacious, with plenty of amenities. The ale is pure and smooth, and the mugs are masterwork, making for truly perfect pints. It has spacious rooms at all levels of pricing, including luxurious rooms with baths and bookshelves.   The Red Cat
This building is a coquina stone and ship's wood construction decorated with a romantic feel. The intimate setting is a quiet place to unwind, with or without a romantic partner. There is a small taproom and bar, with inside and outside tables. The food and entertainment here are probably the best in the resort.   Shimmering Plaza
This Shimmering Plaza is the closest thing to a town square. It is a pleasant meeting place, paved with flagstones, and features a daily market that at night turns into an open-air bar and grill, where the beach vendors sell off the rest of their stock. The statue of a halfling on a pedestal stands mid-plaza.   Sunrise Beach
For the best views of the sunrise this beach has you covered. High waves make for a challenging swim, but making it out to the reefs past the surf is worth the effort.   Sunset Beach
This sunset-facing beach is a wide area of sand next to warm, calm, and impossibly clear water. The beach sand is an array of colours and textures. Intermingling layers of orange-pink with crimson striations, with pale yellow bands that are talc-soft mixing together to create a mosaic carpet. Flakes of mica and quartz reflect the sun. Soft islands of grass are scattered about rolling dunes further in.   Traders' Dock
For the seasonal supply ships that import and export goods to and from Tyna Retreat, this a set of docks with a deeper draft. There is a small warehouse, but most goods are lined up in the field by the docks, or put under tarps.   Trysa's Tinctures
Trysa's Tinctures is the place to visit for treating a nasty bump when attempting to climb cliff sides, or when searching for a balm to keep the bugs away. The palm log building is notable for the bat roost on the roof, used for mosquito control.   Tyna Farms
A series of three large farms above the dunes grow and harvest the food needed to feed the visitors to the resort. Tropical fruit is the main harvest, but a variety of beans and animals are also farmed here.   Tyna Guardpost
This stone guard post is supposed to house the Imperial guards that occasionally patrol the village, but for the majority of the day it remains unused, except as cool shelter from the sun by cats.   Tyna Library
This small but well-stocked library has two reading rooms and a private room for study and research. It also has a shop attached that sells painted artwork of the reef. The stone building has two floors, with the top floor reserved for residences.   Tyna Mercantile
The mercantile is a modest building of bamboo with a palm frond roof. There are several racks of clothing, for those that need swimming attire, and shelves of goods, as well as a salt-water fish tank that seems empty.

Travel Distances

All distances are approximate and via the shortest possible routes, which might not always be practical. Where a travel distance is not shown there is no connecting route possible (e.g. there is no road or waterway that links the places).

Tyna Retreat by Roberto Pitturru

Founding Date
5730 AtD
Alternative Name(s)
Jewel of the Empire
Up to 200 (50 permanent)
Location under

Cover image: Settlement by Unknown


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