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Rimeholt Bay

Rimeholt Bay is a large, deep bay south of the Keylands in the Cerulean Empire. It is surrounded by wild country on all sides, and separates the Cerulean Territories in two. To the west lies the Keymouth region, and to the east of the bay is the wilder Amber Coast.   Only two settlements of note border the bay; Rimebreak and Wolfall. Both are reliant on the deep bay's fertile fishing grounds.   Huge whales regularly swim into the bay to mate and use the waters as nursing grounds, protected as they are from the vagaries of the open waters of The Azure Sea by a shallow reef near the entrance to the bay. They migrate here annually, arriving during the months of Coldeven and Planting.   This is a time of great bounty for the fishing fleets of the bay, and they head out in small skiffs to hunt the older whales, but leaving the younger ones to mature and breed.

A whale in Rimeholt Bay. by Robert Harding

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