Rimebreak is a fishing village on the western shores of Rimeholt Bay. The villagers here, whilst remaining a loyal part of the Empire, have a fiercely independent streak and, along with the people of Wolfall, claim to be of the indigenous first peoples of the Empire. They certainly have a different aspect than most Imperial citizens, and are almost barbaric in appearance with many squid ink tattoos. Whilst initially seeming stand-offish, the people of Rimebreak show great loyalty to their friends.   Longships crowd the docks of Rimebreak, and the streets are paved with logs laid side by side, its buildings are low wooden structures whose pitched roofs are covered in sod. The heart of the village is the Great Hall, a spacious wooden building with a lengthy firepit that can spit six goats at a time.   The village also acts as a general trading post for incoming traders. Wares such as scrimshaw, oils, animal skins, and other provisions are traded here.   A standing community guard of around 40 soldiers can be called up by the elders. They spend much of their time in the Practice Yard or at the The Watchtower.  

Notable Features and Buildings

Bannet Shipwright
This large shipwright has been in the Bannet family for generations. It is large enough to repair and equip ships up to Battleship size. The building looks like a large barn, with large doors that can be swung wide to allow for equipment to be transported in and out of it.   Great Hall
The Great Hall of Rimebreak is a spacious building with a lengthy firepit that can spit six goats at a time to feed the cold and hungry crews that arrive after unloading their ships at the docks. The village elders meet here to discuss and impart the news of the Empire to the eager ears of the citizens.   Oratory of Olidammara
This large wooden building on a low hill is a church dedicated to the Laughing Rogue, Olidammara. Inside it is plainly decorated and a large central stage is surrounded on all sides by low wooden benches. It is as much a performing stage as it is a church, with the priests regularly acting out sermons in the form of plays. Anyone is welcome to perform here.   Practice Yard
The villagers of Rimebreak pride themselves on their martial prowess. Even young children are taught how to wield a shortsword and harpoon, and it is in this large circular sand-covered arena that they train. Old, cut stones suggest some older building stood here once though what it was has been long forgotten.   Rimebreak Baths
On the edge of the village stands a communal steam room and bathing pool. The waters of the pool are briny and said to contain healing minerals and are naturally heated to a temperature of around 30C.   Rimebreak Storage
This large warehouse is a communal storeroom used for keeping timber, weapons, fishing equipment, and tool safe and dry.   Rimeleaves
Rimeleaves is a large herbalist shop with an extensive garden used to grow the plants used by the store. All kinds of potions and poultices are available, with varying degrees of efficacy. Many of the plants used are maritime grasses and seaweeds.   Squeal of Steel
Squeal of Steel is a large smithy compound in the village. Most of the work done here is for the fishing fleet and for construction materials, though a few of the smiths have a particular interest in weapon-forging. The items crafted here are by means no masterworks, but are competently made.   The Salty Oyster
The Salty Oyster tavern in Rimebreak is famed for its ornate, if lewd, drinking glasses which are hand blown in the building. It is said that they ward their owners against bad magics. The tavern is a large establishment with several large and comfy, if plain, rooms and stabling outside. The staff are attentive, though strangely distant.   The Seer's Hut
Tola Slodisson, a small, wiry nonagenarian covered in squid-ink tattoos, is the village seer of Rimebreak. He casts bones to forecast the winds and weather out in Rimeholt Bay and makes charms from fishbone and feathers to bring luck to the sailors of the village.   The Watchtower
The Watchtower in Rimebreak is used both as a lighthouse for the fishing fleet and as a makeshift guardhouse. It is some 100 feet tall, though not particularly well maintained.  

Travel Distances

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Rimebreak by Pavel Spitzyn

Founding Date
51st Century AtD
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