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This relatively sleepy farming village sits some 40 miles east of the city of Keymouth. Much of the capital's food is grown in the fields around Eastcliff, or caught in the sea off it's coast.   A small central town area with markets and houses is surrounded by several large farmstead. A long wooden wall surrounds the town, one of several defensive structures that were built during the The Great Pelagic War  . Eastcliff was blockaded by the Antarian Navy during the war, though it was spared from any of the battles.   Nowadays its inhabitants lead a relatively peaceful, if hard-working life, in the fields and waters around the town. Huge expanses of wheat, and fields of cattle herds, surround the town for several miles.  

Notable Features and Buildings

The Eastcliff Brook
The Eastcliff Brook is a small, fast flowing river that flows into The Azure Sea near to the town of Eastcliff. Past the town it is cut into several narrow canals that irrigate the farmlands of the area.   Eastcliff Town Hall
The town council operates from this building on the few occasions it needs to meet. It is comprised of the heads of the five largest fishing and farming families of the town. Most of the time however the building serves as a community hall during festivals, weddings and other celebrations.   Eastwatch Tower
This tall tower near the docks was a defensive structure during the The Great Pelagic War  . Now it it mainly used as a beacon to light the way for the returning fishing ships after dusk. The tower is now overgrown with vines and used for storage by the dockworkers.   Farmarkt
This large daily market sells goods from the many farms that surround the settlement. Cheeses, breads, mushrooms, honeys, herbs, cuts of bacon and all manner of other farm produce can be found here.   Fishmarkt
The Fishmarkt is the larger of the two town markets as it is stocked with fresh supplies on a daily basis. Eels from the river and marine fish and shellfish from the coastal waters are the main catch.   The Golden Scythe
This tavern in the centre of the town is the centre of the community, and is always busy in the evenings. Tables and chairs are set out in the square for customers. The food is good, hearty fare but plain, though the locally brewed ale is excellent. Accommodations are in a communal bunkhouse next door.   House of the Green Daughters
This red brick church is one of the largest buildings in the town. It is dedicated to Atroa, the Bringer of Spring. The priests are all women who wear green, wide-brimmed hats. All of the windows in the church face to the East to see the rising sun, and are stained with pictures depicting the harvest of the farms.   New Docks
The New Docks of Eastcliff are actually some 150 years old, having been built towards the end of the The Great Pelagic War  as a means of restocking supply ships for Keymouth, which was coming under siege. They have been dug to a deep draft so that they can berth large Galleons, and are constructed from cut stone.   North Gate
The North Gate of was constructed for defence during the The Great Pelagic War  , though the battles never reached the town. It is still the most defensive building in the town and a small town guard is stationed here.   Old Docks
The Old Docks are now mainly used for small pleasure boats, the majority of the fishing fleet having moved to the large South Docks. They are built from wood and badly maintained. Several of the docks are rotten and falling into the water.   Parrick Stabling
This large farm serves as a stable, equestrian school, and merchant for all types of tack and saddles, as well as selling and renting horses bred by the owning Parrick family. The place also has a working veterinarian.   South Docks
These large wooden docks are primarily used by the locals for their fishing fleet which heads out into the coastal waters of The Azure Sea early every morning. A small micro-industry of net-repairs, local shipwrights and ice-sellers has sprung up in the small square by the docks.   Tack and Ploughs
This large smithy mainly serves the many farms of the area, repairing and making ploughshares, scythes, sickles and other farming equipment. The walls of the smithy are open to the air and a small crew of halflings from the Undertree family.   The Unsung Crofter
This large tavern on the edge of Eastcliff caters to travellers and visiting dignitaries rather than the populace of the town itself. The tavern is decorated in a similar manner to the hunting lodges of the Fearwyd Weald borders, with a large roaring fireplace. The proprietor, Garrick, has a huge and over-friendly Deerhound called Capin that bothers the guests. There are three large and well-appointed guest rooms.   West Gate
This small fortified gate in the walls around the town is manned by three guards. Most of the time the gates are open and people can pass through freely.  

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