Built over a century ago, Berranzo is a failed┬ámining community on the Amber Coast.   Originally an Imperial operation, the mine failed mysteriously after only three years, with most of the workers apparently going mad. For many years after, ore ships would turn up filled with dead or insane crew. Now the people of Ambercove are too afraid to venture there, and rumours of the place abound.   The Berranzo mine was finally abandoned and left to fall into ruins in the year 5689 AtD.   Some say that the place is haunted with the ghosts of dead miners. Others that it has been cursed by the last foreman. Regardless, the entrance has now been caved in and travellers are warned to stay away.

The Entrance to Berranzo by Alexander Nanitchkov

5689 AtD
Founding Date
5652 AtD
Parent Location
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Cover image: Mine by Unknown


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