The Foxwood is a large deciduous woodland that covers some 200 square miles along the coast south of Seaton.   The wood is a relatively new feature, having been planted by Emperor¬†Teraknian Jehen¬†some 250 years ago as a hunting ground to keep his nobles entertained. Much of the wood is still used for this purpose, and is owned by Lord Briceus Garulan of Seaton. These areas of the wood are signposted, but it does not stop poachers taking the game, especially when times are hard.   Bright and flourishing, the canopy of the Foxwood is competed for by chestnut and willow, and sparkling light dances between the branches, allowing for scattered herbs to rule the soft, rich soils below. Bundled tree limbs cling to most trees, and a potpourri of flowers has claimed quiet corners, added colourful variety to the otherwise green forest floor.   The wood hosts a healthy ecosystem, and parts of it are tended by a small band of rangers on behalf of Lord Garulan.

Deep in the Foxwood by Xiaodi Jin

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Cover image: Forest by Unknown


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