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Ambercove is the only port in the Amber Coast region that is large enough berth sizeable vessels. It has a huge harbour surrounded by naturally-formed high walls of stone.   Although the inhabitants of the Amber Coast are known to be rougher and wilder than their more northerly counterparts, the folk of Ambercove are reasonable, and would rather trade than fight. Because of this, ships often stop here to restock on freshwater and rations or repair their boats and restock their crew. The Pit of Golgur that guards the entrance to the bays of the region means pirate attacks are less common here.   The Amber Coast region of the Cerulean Territories is little more than a string of high cliffs rising up out of the Azure Sea. Mighty waves crash against the shores of this weather-beaten land, showering the fishing villages that dot its shores with a salt spray that never truly lifts.   The nation is ruled by Archduke Beringer Redaxe who sits in Amberise Keep on the eastern side of the town. There are rumours of discontent in the region, but Archduke Redaxe seems faithful to the Empire and rules with a strong hand.  

Notable Features and Buildings

The Amber Flame
The Amber Flame is a tall lighthouse that stands on the sharpest promontory of the many tall sea cliffs that guard the entrance to Ambercove harbour.   Amber Market
The Amber Market in Ambercove is a large area of open space in the town that is used as the main hub for trade. It is decorated with gardens and topiary and is often visited by the town leaders for some light relief from their day to day activities.   Ambercove Exchange
The centre of trade and business in Ambercove, the Exchange is the best place to exchange, buy and sell goods acquired on trading ventures out at sea. Here, one can find a wide variety of folk who are eager to get their hands on new and interesting goods.   Ambercove Harbour
Surrounded by great cliff walls which protect the docks, Ambercove harbour is a sight to behold. During the morning, fishing ships come to sell their catch to the merchants, and throughout the day larger trade vessels come to barter and grab a meal.   Amberise Keep
A crumbling fortress called Amberise Keep overlooks the port town of Ambercove. Although it has been beaten by wind and wave, the keep is still an imposing building, its high towers searching the ocean for any who would dare challenge it.   Crow's Nest Tavern
Not far from the upper town of Ambercove is a dingy tavern formed from the skeleton of an old ship that has been dragged into place through the streets. Where the planks have rotted away, the owners have pegged large patches of sailcloth to cover the gaps. The sound of drunken brawling and raucous music commonly spills out into the surrounding street and the smell of tar is thick in the air.   Dragon Turtle Inn
The Dragon Turtle Inn is a salt-encrusted stone edifice near the docks of Ambercove. Although not outwardly inviting, the inn is well known amongst travellers as the good place to get a decent ale in the town. Inside, a huge fire roars in a semi-circular hearth, decorated with ivory and steel.   The Faint Triton
The Faint Triton is a low-class tavern in the centre of the town of Ambercove. Despite its location, it has managed to keep a seriously ill repute. The building is long and low and looks like it could collapse at any moment. It is surrounded by a tangle of outbuildings, enclosures, and stables. Standing pride of place in the lobby of the inn is a crudely carved life-size mermaid suspended from ropes over the reception desk.   Garl's House of Wonder
This temple in Ambercove is filled with unique and somewhat dangerous inventions and was constructed in honour of Garl Glittergold, the gnomish god of artifice, craft, and construction. The temple is oft visited by ship makers, smiths, engineers, and inventors. Garl's House of Wonders is connected to the Hall of Wonders, a museum filled with craft and design from centuries past.   Gimlet's Repairs
A towering pair of wooden warehouse doors seal shut the entrance to a sea cave near the docks of Ambercove. Painted on these is a white anchor and the words ‘Gimlet’s Ship Repairs’. Swinging from ropes attached to a rocky overhang above the entrance to the caves are buckets filled with tools. Here a skilled boatbuilder and repairer is at work.   Saltwood Storehouse
A tall wooden warehouse rises up above the homes and shops around it a few streets back from Ambercove Harbour. Painted on the front of the building are the words ‘Saltwood Storehouse’. Inside, a handful of employees hurry about the four floors seeing to traders who have come to stock up on rations and naval goods.   Sanctuary of Procan
The Storm Lord's sanctuary in Ambercove is a large stone temple. Throughout the day merchants and ship captains come to the temple to beg Procan for mercy, praying desperately that their vessels of precious cargo make it to their destinations. Donations to Procan are often highly valuable, such as gemstones and treasures, that have already survived a journey across the high seas.   Udor's Tower
This spiralling blue and red tower, four-storeys tall, looks somewhat like a lighthouse and stands on tall cliffs overlooking the town of Ambercove. It is said to be home to a scholar of all oceanic life.  

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Ambercove by Unknown

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51st Century AtD
ca. 8,000
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