The Huntwicks

The Huntwicks are a group of five islands a few miles off the north-west cost of Amber Bay.   Three of the islands, Thurburg , Sauburg, and Sinlisle, are relatively small, barren bits of rock with a few trees growing on them and some nesting seabirds. The other two islands, Wakeside and Hatmont are much larger, with a covering of subtropical forest, streams, and low hills.   Wakeside is some 50 square miles in size. The island is protected by Imperial law as the last known roosting place of the Griawk, a very rare kind of pure white nocturnal raven that has been thought of as a good omen within the Empire for centuries.   Hatmont is the largest island in the Huntwicks, being around 100 square miles in size. The low hills and open forests of the subtropical island have made it a favoured hunting spot for the Emperor and his favoured courtiers, who have introduced several game species for that purpose. A small camp on the island is run by a small group of rangers who maintain the hunting grounds.   There are several old ruins on the Hatmont. Crude in design, the various scratch marks on the walls seem to suggest that a strange race of gnome-like beings once lived here.

The Huntwicks by Terry Dunton Stevenson

Alternative Name(s)
Five Islands
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Cover image: Island by Michael Dunning


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