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Ambercoast Way

The Ambercoast way runs between Wolfall and Ambercove in the Amber Coast region of the Cerulean Empire, a distance of around 160 miles.   Unlike the roads of the Keymouth region, the Ambercoast Way is unpaved for long stretches, even becoming little more than a muddy wagon track in the more wild areas. There are no regular patrols or sentry posts in this part of the Empire.   The views from the Way are stunning, as it hugs the cliffs of the coast, giving unparalleled sights across the coastal waters. It also comes very close to the eaves of the Fearwyd Weald, and even at this great distance from the heart of the forest travellers hurry through these sections with added wariness.

The Ambercoast Way by Franz Miklis

Founding Date
ca. 5000 AtD
Parent Location
Related Report (Primary Locations)

Cover image: Road by Unknown


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