The large island of Marduff sits north of Amber Bay close to the border of the Cerulean Empire. It is not a part of the Empire itself, though it does hold the small port of Boscona on the island, and word is that the Emperor would like to bring Marduff into the Cerulean Territories.   The indigenous Mardufolk have bigger worries however. The island is home to the Black Claw Tribe of orcs, as well as giants in the higher hills of the north, and are under constant threat from their predations. Some feel that the security of Imperial protection would be worth the colonialisation of their home. Others argue that they must keep the land free of oppressors and protect the sacred Moonwells.   The isle itself is lush and fertile, with beautiful valleys between high, dome-shaped, forest-covered hills. The ground rises into more mountainous terrain to the north. Hidden within the valleys, the Mardufolk live a quiet life in harmony with their natural surroundings.

The hills of Marduff by Ramón Tuero

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Cover image: Island by Michael Dunning


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