Wolfall is a town in the Amber Coast region of the Cerulean Territories. The town is arrayed along a narrow beach, with a walled defensive compound at the western end. The compound is a hangover from the The Great Pelagic War  , but it has never seen any real action.   The buildings of the town are wooden, but most have slate rooves. The exception is the great Feast Hall in the compound, where Lord Skotha Frostgale rules from a large throne carved from whalebones. The doors to the great chamber are decorated with the colossal jaws of some monstrous shark that could easily swallow a man whole.   The town community and life is centred around the fishing and whaling fleets that set sail early each morning into Rimeholt Bay. A small church dedicated to Procan holds services each morning on the beach, in the lapping waves of the sea.   Travellers to the town will have to stay at The Trawler or camp on the beach. They are not allowed to stay in the compound after dark.  

Notable Features and Buildings

Baleen Beers
This large tavern on the waterfront is open on three sides, with a large coal firepit in the centre. It is a raucous place, covered in fishing nets, sailing sheets, harpoons, shark jaws and other paraphernalia. There are no accommodations here, travellers must head into the compound or camp on the beach. Baleen Beer is brewed behind the tavern in large wooden and copper vats.   Feasthall
The Feasthall is the most important building in town, located at the centre of the compound. Here Lord Skotha Frostgale holds court over the populace of the town. The doors to this large , thatched chamber are decorated with the colossal jaws of some monstrous shark.   Hugrid's Harpoons
Hugrid Ogolakanu, proprietor of this harpoon manufactory and store is an unusual sight. The pale-skinned, 8 foot tall Goliath is an imposing figure, though he is accepted by the townsfolk of Wolfall. How he came to work here is not known - his tongue has been cut out - but his skill with the forging of harpoons, spears, tridents and the like is unsurpassed.   Lobsterpot Market
This bustling marketplace specialises in fresh sea food of all varieties, and the equipment required to catch and cook it. It is at its busiest in mid-morning and later afternoon when the latest catch arrives.   Procan's Folly
This small slate-roofed church is dedicated to Procan. The congregation is small for such a place, but they are devout, and offerings of shells and dead sea creatures are lined up outside the door. There is a small boneyard outside.   The Trawler
An upmarket inn, the Trawler is a two-storey timber building, with a slate roof and finely-crafted tables and chairs. Accommodations consist of several small rooms with beds and woollen mattresses. An attached three-storey tower suite is reserved for noble patrons, and there is a pleasant garden and pool at the back.   Wolfall Construction and Repairs
Wolfall does not have a deep harbour, so most of the work done at this large shipwrights by a team of skilled workers is on small fishing craft. Complicated rigging for a large frigate would be beyond them, but their work is of high quality nevertheless.   Wolfall Garrison
A small guard of around 30 soldiers, dressed in seal-fur armour rather than Imperial mail, is on duty here or in the town at any one time. There are two cannons on top of the guardhouse to protect the beachfront from attack, but they have not been used for years.  

Travel Distances

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Wolfall by Unknown

Founding Date
51st Century AtD
ca. 3,000
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