The tiny hamlet of Feybend has an importance that belies it's size. It sits where the great road of Seaton Way meets the Feybend River and has been a resting point for weary travellers for many years.   In years long past the hamlet was an important place in the transport of timber from the Fearwyd Weald to the towns and cities of the Empire. Logs cut down near the village of Springford would be rafted downstream as far as Feybend, where members of the Guild of Bridgemen would unload it, carry it past the isles and bridges of Feybend, and reload it onto larger barges.   There are signs that Feybend was once a much larger settlement, and there are several old ruins lying close to the hamlet that have become overrun by nature.   A church dedicated to Celestian sits on a low hill above the hamlet.  

Notable Features and Buildings

Feybend Urnfield This large graveyard sits to the north of the hamlet. The vast majority of the graves are very old and here lie untended.   Guild of Bridgemen
In days past, when lumber was carried down the Feybend River from the village of Springford, the Bridgers Guild of Feybend was an important and powerful organisation. Their job was to unload the rafts of logs on the west side of the bridges and islands in the river, and carry them to waiting barges on the wider and deeper eastern side of the river, for transport to the larger towns of the Empire. Now the place is mainly used as a community gathering site.   New Church
This relatively new building stands out from the rest of the hamlet. Constructed from stone rather than wood, it was blessed and dedicated to Celestian, the Far Wanderer, only some fifty years ago.   Ruined Church
This old church lies in broken ruins and is covered in forest moss and overgrown with weeds and shrubs. The keystone of the arch that once stood over the door lies nearby, carved into it the symbol of a pair of eyes.   Ruined Manor
This large ruined manor house across the river from the hamlet is now overgrown and falling down.   The Feyview Tavern and Coach House
This tavern sits on the river docks overlooking the slow-moving waters. It is a favoured resting spot for travellers moving between Seaton and Keymouth and has good, clean facilities and a coaching house. The inn is a two-storey timbered building, with a small yard and garden. Accommodations consist of several large rooms with beds and feather mattresses.  

Travel Distances

All distances are approximate and via the shortest possible routes, which might not always be practical. Where a travel distance is not shown there is no connecting route possible (e.g. there is no road or waterway that links the places).

The Hamlet of Feybend by Klaus Pillon

Founding Date
52nd Century AtD
ca. 300
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