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The port of Feymouth sits at the end of the Feybend River, where it issues into Forling Basin. It is an important place strategically and politically as it controls all of the trade of the resources that are harvested from the Fearwyd Weald.   The town is however extremely religious, and the Church of Istus holds incredible power here. Nothing of import happens in Feymouth without their say-so. The populace are devout followers of the Lady of Fate, and The Most Holy Hall of our Lady of Fate stands above the town, looking down on all.   Underneath the church is a large network of tunnels and rooms where Bishop Moryun is said to keep all sorts of ancient texts. It is, he claims, the knowledge that belongs to the Lady. Many people have sought for the texts that are kept in the library, but only the most devout are allowed inside.   The city has been built with it's benediction to the Lady in mind. The church sits on a tall hill at the centre of the town, which is shaped like the spindle of a spinning wheel, or a spider's web, depending on ones point of view.   Feymouth is a sober town. There is always trade going on, with people going about their daily business, but you'll never find extravagant festivities going on in the city, and there is a well-observed curfew that begins at 10pm each night. There are no common markets. Despite the austere nature of the people, the town is still attractive, with well-built and clean buildings of wood.  

Notable Features and Buildings

Feymouth Goods
You won't find anything exotic or fancy in this general store near the centre of town, but there is a good selection of quality adventuring gear and other goods.   Feymouth Hall
A large and imposing stone structure, Feymouth Hall is nominally the home of the town guard and the council. However, everyone is aware that the real power lies up the road at the top of the hill, and no important decisions are made without approval from the Church of Istus.   Feymouth Port
The main harbour of the town is primarily used for trade vessels, loading goods from the Fearwyd Weald (timber, herbs, medicines, and animal hides) for transport to other parts of the Empire. The workers here are incredibly efficient.   Feymouth Warehouses
Four huge stone buildings in the docks of Feymouth are used as warehousing for goods prior to loading onto ships. The vast majority of the storage is used for the wooden logs collected in the fringes of the Fearwyd Weald and sent via river barge down the Feybend River.   The Most Holy Hall of our Lady of Fate
This huge, tall stone church, dedicated to Istus the Lady of Fate, stands atop a large stone pillar at the head of the Feybend River, looking down on the town. The central building is divided into three "strands" that lead down austere hallways into a plain circular chamber with a web design inlaid into the floor.   Our Lady's Hall of Repose
This inn for travellers and devout pilgrims to the town is a very austere place that observes the town curfew. Single hard beds share a large communal sleeping area, and prayers are said before lights out at 10pm. Still, the rates are relatively cheap. Boarders are given a thin porridge for breakfast.   The Piercing Needle
The only drinking establishment in Feymouth is a dour stone building with bare wooden benches and long, narrow tables. The Lady's Hop beer is weak and limited to two mugs per person, and the tavern observes the town curfew. It is the only alcoholic beverage allowed in the town. A small stage area is used to perform litanies from the Holy Books of Fate. There are five small rooms for travellers, each with a simple cot and small altar to Istus.   River Gate
All craft passing through the River Gate has to pay a tax, rather euphemistically referred to as a donation, to the Church of Istus. Huge iron chains can be raised up from the river bed by pulleys in the towers, effectively blocking the river.   Taskerhill Docks
These docks in the town of Feymouth are for the exclusive use of the Taskerhill family and their lumber business. The Taskerhills are based in the lumber yards of Keymouth, and the majority of their timber comes through this port.   Tyblion Bakery
Farrak Tyblion is the Dragonborn who owns and runs this bakery. The goods are unsweetened and undecorated, except for the mark of a long needle, as decreed by the clergy of the town. Consequently the fare is nutritious but plain. The shelves are neat and orderly and stocked with small, round loaves.   Wilbur's Stables
Wilbur Gittory runs these well-kept stables. The services are expensive but of high quality, and run to boarding, grooming, and medical attention. A number of local children are employed to help with the daily chores, and the older children are responsible for training and grooming.  

Travel Distances

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Feymouth by Jonathan Dufresne

Founding Date
52nd Century AtD
Alternative Name(s)
ca 7,000
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