Reyheller Wetlands

Running out of Reyheller Gulf┬áto the north, and fed by the Rey River, these large, subtropical wetlands cover an area of some 1,500 square miles. The water here is still briny, allowing a variety of marine life to make their home in the tall grasses.   The soft, shifting nature of the ground makes on foot travel difficult, and navigation by raft or canoe is no easier. This is not helped by the tall rushes that grow here that can easily reach over the height of a man.   The Wetlands are also teeming with life of all kinds, from the many varieties of birds to large alligators and marine mammals, and whilst there are no settlements in the area, it is a good spot for clam fishers to catch a hefty haul. They have to be wary however. Even though the Empire controls this territory and it is free from Lizardfolk or goblin tribes, large predators still lurk in the reeds.

Reyheller Wetlands by Karim Gebahi

Wetland / Swamp
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Cover image: Wetlands by Jerry Whaley


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