Cerulean Territories

The Cerulean Territories
A map showing the extent of the Cerulean Empire along the western coastline of the Azure Sea.
The Cerulean Territories are the lands that make up the current extent of the Cerulean Empire. They stretch along an extended section of the western shores of The Azure Sea, between the coast and the fringes of the Fearwyd Weald, for some 625 miles.   To the north the region is bordered by the River Linnet and far to the south by the Dukari Plains. In total it covers some 162,000 square miles, including the many island chains and Tynamore Reef.   The Empire sees itself as the bastion of civilisation in the lands, and offers security to the citizens living here. It is not uncommon to see armed patrols along the roads, and large watchtowers have been set up at strategic points within the territory. Outside of the Empire's borders the land becomes more wild and untamed, especially as one ventures further under the eaves of the Fearwyd Weald.   There are two man regions of civilisation within the Territories. In the northern part is the Keymouth region, largely dominated by fertile farmlands that stretch up the coast towards Seaton. South of Rimeholt Bay is the Amber Coast region, a slightly more wild and narrow, but still relatively safe area.   The sea and the nearby Weald provide a great host of resources for the Empire, especially the wood of the forest, though the loggers refuse to stray too far within the bounds of that dark place. The climate is generally temperate, but rainy, though the area around Keymouth and the Forling Basin has a warm, almost tropical microclimate, thanks to warm waters brought from the east by the currents of Trent's Channel.   Humans and Halflings make up the majority of the population, though in recent years Hill Dwarves have become a common sight. Goblins lurk in the trees of the Weald however, and rumours of worse. There have also been unsubstantiated sightings of Grugach in the deeper fringes of Fearwyd Weald.   Notable geographic features of this coastline include the long island chain of Tynamore Reef and the terrifying oceanic anomaly known as the Pit of Golgur.

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