Hepmark Lake

Hepmark Lake is a large L-shapd body of freshwater a few miles south of Seaton.   At it's widest point the lake is around 10 miles across, and the deepest parts of the lake are some 300 feet below the surface.   The lake is used by the citizens of Seaton and the surrounding areas as a source of fresh water and for leisure. Sailboats, swimmers and fishermen are common sites around the waters, thanks to the placid nature of the lake, which only occasionally whips up into strong waves when the sea wind is particularly strong.   A high percentage of the lake's drainage area is under cultivation, and a particularly fine variety of grape is grown in the area surrounding the lake.   The lake is rich in fish, and the large eels found in it's deeper waters are highly prized on the tables of Imperial nobles.   Local folklore tells of a strange, serpentine monster that haunts the lake. Most people do not take the tales seriously, and "Heppie" has become a bit of a local celebrity. The last "Heppie-sighting" was now several years ago.

Hepmark Lake by Nikkul

Alternative Name(s)
Seaton Water
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