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Seaton Way

This well-travelled highway follows the coast from Seaton┬áto Keymouth, connecting with the towns of Feybend and Feymouth along the way.   The road ruins some 450 miles, and is now well maintained thanks to the influence of the Imperial resources. Many now consider it a safe means of travel than a sea voyage thanks to the recent increase in pirate attacks. Certainly, the road is well patrolled, and there are large watchtowers and waystations where weary travellers can find sanctuary and rest.   In years past, long stretches of road, especially the region just north of Feybend, were considered highly dangerous to travel, due to common excursions of creatures out of the depths of the nearby Fearwyd Weald, but the patrolling blue-coated guards of the Cerulean Army have made it safe once more.   The road is travelled not just be adventurers and wanderers, but also by large caravans carrying trade goods both into and out of the Empire.

Seaton Way, north of Feybend by Unknown

Founding Date
ca. 5100 AtD
Parent Location

Cover image: Road by Unknown


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