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Springford Ruins

Right on the very western boundary of the Cerulean Territories, near the source of the Feybend River, lies the village of Springford, a cautionary tale of the conceits of civilised folk.   Consisting of around a dozen houses standing under the eastern eaves of the Fearwyd Weald the people of Springford cut trees from the forest only when required, and lived in harmony with their surroundings. For food, they hunted in the forest's fringes, such as snaring rabbits, and grew simple crops.   But the demands for timber from the burgeoning Cerulean Empire grew, and Springford's strategic location at the source of the Feybend meant that travellers from the east came here, to set up an industrialised logging business.   What happened remains somewhat of a mystery, but around 150 years ago the village was abandoned. Since then it has been reclaimed by the forest. Trees grow in the middle of old, fallen buildings, the village is carpeted with fallen leaves, and the only inhabitants are wild boar and squirrels.   Recently there is word that the Taskerhills of Keymouth are seeking approval to restart logging in the area, but so far the Emperor has declined their pleas. The village of Springford is said to have become fey, and no-one visits anymore.  

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The Ruins of Springford by Showmeyourmoves

ca. 5650 AtD

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