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Westhill Mine

On the foothills of the Balnoque Spine, not far from the northern reaches of the Fearwyd Weald the Westhill Mine can be found on a low rocky plateau.   It sits on the border between civilised lands and the wilds, but despite being some 50 miles from the official border of the Cerulean Territories, the mine remains under Imperial control. Baron Westhill, a minor noble from Keymouth, operates the mine from afar.   Rather than metallic ores and gems, the mine produces crystals of the finest quality that are sold on the markets of the Empire, and turned into beautiful glassware for rich households or high quality tools for scholars.   As there is no major road to and from the mine, small troops of Imperial soldiers escort wagons of crystals from the mines once a fortnight.   Facilities at the mine are crude at best. The miners who work the shafts are hardened men, dwarves and gnomes, and think nothing of camping in the hills and hunting for their own food. They sneer at civilised types who would not last a day in the wilds.

Westhill Mine by VenusNoire

Alternative Names
Crystal Spires Mine
Parent Location

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