The Sanguine Polder

Along the Ambercoast Way, around half way between Ambercove¬†and Wolfall, the road dips down from the coastal cliffs into a huge area seawater wetland known as the Sanguine Polder.   The wetlands get their name from the blood-like colour that tinges the briny water here, a result of an iron-rich soil that has been churned up by the coastal waves.   Off the road the way through the Polder is difficult as the soggy landmasses slowly drift around on the coastal currents.   Around three hundred years ago the Empire tried to reclaim this land from the sea, their engineers working to create a Polder that could be used for housing and farming. Their efforts were in vain however.   Huge storms blew up the coast, and a strange sickness befell many of the workers. The rumours grew that the place was cursed, and eventually it was abandoned to the elements.

The Sanguine Polder by Kelly Fike

Wetland / Swamp
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Cover image: Wetlands by Jerry Whaley


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