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Forling Basin

Forling Basin is a huge bay situated to the west of Keymouth, and covers an area of some 7,500 square miles. The seabed of the bay is shaped like a huge basin - shallow at the edges, but surprisingly deep in the central areas.   Most of the coastline around the bay is low cliffs and sandy beaches, around which a variety of small hamlets and homes lie, especially on the eastern side of the bay, where Keymouth sits, and where the Feybend River feeds the waters of the bay by Feymouth.   The waters of the bay are warm, and the area has an almost tropical microclimate thanks to the waters brought from the east by the currents of Trent's Channel. They are also abnormally calm, with only occasional winds and rain along the coastline, and no storms had been reported in the bay for years.   The bay is full of a wide variety of fish, including swordfish, snapper, and seabass, and is also known for its riches of oyster beds and their abundance of pearls. It is noteworthy that there are little to no predatory species in the bay; sharks, giant squids and Sahuagin are nowhere to be found in the bay's waters.

Forling Basin by Raphael Lacoste

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