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The Azure Sea

Flocktime the 10th, AtD 5786

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The lands encompassing The Azure Sea are a wild and dangerous place. Islands of civilisation offer some protection from the wildlands, but most of the continent remains unexplored and maps show only the most basic information. The trade routes of The Azure Sea offer freedom, wealth and opportunity and control of them is the primary driving factor behind the politics and diplomacy of the lands.   The Azure Sea has long been a turbulent body of water in every sense. Its storms have sent countless ships to their doom, and warfare of one sort of another is conducted across its surface all the time.   Pirates affiliated with the Hold of the Sea Princes, along with independent marauders, prey on ships that attempt to cross the ocean, the various kingdoms and empires of the lands only offering limited protection. Strange monsters, including vicious dinosaurs from the Drowned Jungle in the far east, emerge from below from time to time, and rumours of the great kraken Slarkrethel continue to worry captain and pirate alike.   The only outlets from the Sea are either through the Kraken Straits or the Calacian Maw, both incredibly dangerous bodies of water. What lies beyond The Great Deep that surrounds the Azure Sea remains only the stuff of myth and legend.   Despite the myriad dangers, the many opportunities for wealth, exploration and knowledge have lead many to pick up a sword and strike out in search of adventure...   About the Artwork
Whilst I am responsible for some of the artwork on this website (mainly some symbols and many of the maps), I can take no credit for the majority of the splendid art to be found here. Where possible I have credited the relevant artists. However, despite diligent searches it has not been possible to find the original artists for many pieces. If you recognise any of the art here and it is uncredited please contact me and I will rectify the situation.