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King of the Trackless Depths

Slarkrethal was old when The Tears of Celestian  fell. Ancient beyond imagining, over 150 feet in length, and with an unrivalled appetite for destruction, Slarkrethal has been a terror to all life in The Azure Sea for as long as sailors have told tales around tavern firesides.   The kraken's origins are disputed but his tentacles reach across all the lands of The Known World. His exact aims remains a matter of conjecture, but some scholars claim that he ever seeks for ways to ascend to divinity. The beast certainly seems to possess some dark, alien intelligence and remains a tale to scare young and old alike, of all races.   All other Kraken that lurk in The Azure Sea are said to be spawn of the King of the Trackless Depths.
Current Location
Biological Sex

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Cover image: Characters by Tyler Jacobson
Character Portrait image: Slarkrethel by Christopher Burdett


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